I'm sure by now it's widely known that Utah is a gorgeous state. It boasts sweeping vistas and amazing rock formations. Bryce Canyon National Park is no exception. My lady and I planned on visiting Bryce Canyon nearly a full year before we actually got to go, but a medical emergency had other plans for me. We knew we wanted to see Bryce during the wintertime so we postponed our trip til January the following year.

Hiking through Bryce, laden with camera gear, was much easier than expected. There's a hike here for every level of experience. We kept it pretty moderate this time around and managed to get a better than decent workout both days. I'm not one to preach to people about how to experience a place, and I find that discovering for yourself what works best is a great way to have a solid trip. With that in mind, wake up with plenty of time to get to the rim of the canyon before the sun rises. You will not be disappointed (well...unless it's cloudy that is).
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